Keep your breastmilk and formula safe with Ceres Chill!

Low production? No problem! Safely store your liquid gold in our revolutionary Chillers

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Every bit of breastmilk and formula is worth saving, which is why Ceres Chill is committed to ensuring its safe storage. With just a handful of ice, the Chiller brings the temperature of your milk down to safe levels and keeps it there for over 20 hours. 

What people are saying

Keeps precious liquid gold safe

This Chiller works as advertised. It keeps breastmilk at a safe temperature when I have no access to a refrigerator. I can pump directly in it and also can feed my baby from the Chillers (with a nipple adapter that sells separately). The design and the quality of the product is superb. I should have gotten one sooner. — Kate

I never waste a drop

As a healthcare worker the Chiller makes my life so much easier. I don't have to carry multiple bottles and my milk stays ice cold. Ceres Chill has made sure I never waste a drop of milk. — Alison

The Milkstache helps with newborns

The size of the cubes is PERFECT for the early days when you’re still trying to establish milk supply.! It's also the perfect size for the amount of breastmilk you'd want for adding to solids when making your own baby food! — Katrina

Absolutely phenomenal product

I use it on the go and recently went on a short vacation with mine. I have two since I have to supplement formula and it's great for both breastmilk and formula on the go. Can't recommend this product enough. I love it so much I invested in the product! — Amberlea

Pump directly into the Chiller

Use as a bottle warmer anytime

No chargers, cords, or fridge needed

20+ hours of continuous chilling

Pump or double-pump directly into the Chiller

20+ hours of continuous chilling

No chargers, cords, or fridge needed

Use as a bottle warmer anytime


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