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So easy!

I absolutely love my chiller! I’m battling an oversupply and it’s so easy to use throughout the day. Just add the milk from my haakaa and at the end of the day I can put it in freezer bags and into the freezer! It’s also so easy on the go when I’m away from my baby. Just pump into it and you’re set. No bottles, no bag or cooler, just have this with me and I’m set! Thanks so much Ceres chill for making things easier for a tired mama like me!

Love my chiller!

I love this invention! I got mine as a gift and it has been amazing to use. No more having a cooler with ice packs and jars on my night stand at night. No more storing a big jar of milk in the fridge at work at the fire department. They are beautiful, sturdy, and they work! Way to go on changing the milk storage game.

Amazing product!

This truly makes pumping at work a game changer! I overproduce milk big time and was a bit confused about storing 24oz of milk in the outter chamber of the chiller. I called the number listed on this website and within the hour Lisa called me back and took the time to explain everything in detail! The customer service was like nothing I have experienced with any other company ever. I now feel really good about being able to store large amounts of breast milk safely during the day! This bottle is worth every penny.

Makes life so much easier

This product is a must for any pumping mom. I will give this as a gift to any new mother! Keeps milk cold and is super convenient. My only complaint is the tops take some finesse to keep on properly. Also the logos on the bottles easily wear off after running them through the dishwasher. Overall very happy with this purchase.

Life saver

This chiller is the best purchase I have made! Not only is it beautiful, it is also very functional. My milk stays cool while I work in the community and I don't have to stress about it going bad before I get home. I also have the best pads, and they are extremely helpful and absorb well so I don't leak on my clothing. Thank you so much for creating products that work and make life that much easier while trying to do the best for baby!