Never worry about safely storing your breastmilk again!    

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Ceres Chill frees you up!

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Cassandra Dengler
Amazing product for busy moms

I’m a nurse and work 12 hour shifts. This product is great. I am am overproducer so I put ice in the inner chamber or freeze it overnight . I then put my milk in the actual chiller . It saves time to do that rather than deal with baggies and a cooler and ice packs. I haven’t used the pump adapters because I’ve been using the chiller instead of the smaller metal container. The milk is always cold at the end of my shifts and if ice is melted I just add some more. I use two chillers for my 12 hour shift. Great customer service and they do a nurse discount too :)

Jessica Catalfamo

I LOVE my ceres chill! It's amazing! It cuts down on the number of bottles I pump into which means less bottles to clean!! It fits into the mesh water bottle pocket on my pump bag. It keeps the milk cold all day and then some!! I'm a nurse and work 12 hour shifts and I don't have to worry if I forget to put my milk in the fridge during my shift or leave it out when I come home because it's still cold! So easy to clean. I'm thinking of getting another one my husband can use when he has the kids and the baby so he doesn't have to worry about a cooler bag, ice packs, and bottles. I wish I had this when I was in the military because nothing worse then worrying about how to keep your milk cold all day.
It's also durable as I've already dropped it and it didn't spill crack or leak any milk!

At the end of all I have to do is pour my mill onto bags to freeze! So easy!! And just clean my ceres chill!
Love it!!

Kyna Henrici

Love my chiller! So much easier than storing in a cooler and fits in my bag more easily. Doesn’t leak and keeps my breast milk cold and safe.

Alyssa Torres
Awesome product!

This product is a lifesaver! Definitely a must have for a working nursing/pumping mom! I’m a nurse who works 12hr shifts and I was so over bringing 6-8 storage bottles every day—the dish washing was such a pain. With my first breastfeeding experience it was so annoying to keep bringing so many bottles and containers to work let alone keep them in a way that was safe and discreet. This product is great, keeps my milk stored in a safe container and it really does keep it chilled for the entirety of my day which is over 13 hours. I love this product and I recommend it to every mom I know! I’m so glad I have this for my breastfeeding journey this time around!

Great for a working mom

I just started back at work and this has saved me from many trips to and from the refrigerator! I can pour my milk into the bottle and it stays cold all day. There are 2 options for storing the milk which is nice depending on how many oz you plan to get! Great product!