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Never worry about safely storing your breastmilk again!    

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6 reasons why Ceres Chill is the answer

6 reasons why Ceres Chill is the answer

  • 100% risk-free purchasing: Comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a money-back guarantee that your Chiller makes your first year as a new mom easier. 

  • FSA, HSA, and HRA approved! Use your cards or get reimbursed.

  • First responders, essential workers & military families enjoy 20% off.

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Needs Improvement

Bought this before going back to work. Ultimately glad I did. Much easier to take to work than a full cooler setup and multiple bottles to pump into. So far seems to stay cold well. Wish it wasn’t as bulky. Also you can’t double pump if you’re utilizing the chiller at max capacity. Can also be uncomfortable to pump into directly because of the size and weight. Everything is easy to clean though which is nice when you’re cleaning multiple bottles etc a day!

Natalie Beaubrun
Really happy with my purchase

I'll admit, buying the Ceres Chill was a spontaneous 4am breastfeeding decision, but I'm REALLY happy I made the purchase. The Ceres Chill makes it so easy to bring milk with me anywhere I go. And I think it's great that I'll be able to use it long after my breastfeeding journey. This thing keeps liquid COLD! It gives me great piece of mind to bring a few extra ounces of milk out with me, and I love storing my milk in the inner chamber in the fridge!

Lindsey Deaton
Highly recommend

So convenient for trips to town, don’t have to worry about an ice pack and cooler, it’s compact in size and easy to clean. Internal chambers are easily exchanged, I actually use them for my overnight pumping also since they will hold 11 ounces each. Excited to use for when I go back to work as well

I don't go anywhere without a chiller!

I have one of each size chiller and I don't leave the house without in my pumping bag!
Personally have the right tools and resources has made my breastfeeding journey that much better. Ceres chill products are a must for any parent!

Jessica Cooper
Only way to travel!

I purchased this based on a friend’s recommendation as I was going to be traveling internationally for 8 days with a 3m old at home. I pumped 3x on my 9 hour flight and the chiller kept my milk cold until we got to the hotel and I could freeze! I was able to safely store and bring home over 200 ounces of milk from that trip for my baby and will never travel without my Ceres ever again! Worth every penny!