Never worry about safely storing your breastmilk again!    

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Ceres Chill frees you up!

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Customer Reviews

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Ayesha Mehfooz

It's easy to carry and keeps breastmilk fridge-cold!!!!

Michelle Mazzola

I absolutely love my chiller! I use it every night by my bedside so I don’t have to constantly keep going up and down the stairs to get my son his milk when he wakes (yes I’m a little lazy and don’t feel like going up and down at 2am 😂). It’s also so convenient to store the milk from my night pumps in and I can sort it in the morning without worrying about storing it right away. I also use it when we’re on the go and need to bring milk with us, I love that I don’t have to worry about it going bad or using it within a few hours. I would 100% recommend this product!

Michelle M

The chiller has been working great since going back to work. It stays cold for over 12 hours that I need to use it. One day I left it and returned about 24 hours later and it was still cold!! I will recommend this for working moms and it can be used after breast milk for coffee which is great.

Rachel Morris

I love that I can store my pumped milk on my desk at work in a cute container and not have to use the community fridge. It has been a lifesaver and keeps the milk very cold for hours until I get home! Best post pregnancy purchase I’ve made!

Janell Harro

Doesn't look like pumping supplies, easy to transport and fun colors