Never worry about safely storing your breastmilk again!    

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Ceres Chill frees you up!

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Customer Reviews

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Amber Miller
Best customer service anywhere

I bought my chiller off Amazon originally and had problems with it chilling. The seller reached out to me immediately and helped me troubleshoot. In addition I was sent a new chiller and parts as we believed it may have been damaged in shipping. I have never had better customer service and am so pleased with me chiller. I am a nurse and would definitely recommend for those longans crazy shifts!!

Every pumping mom needs this

Amazing everyone who pumps needs this. Recently pumped at a boat launch left milk in the car 90 degrees out so car was way hotter. Was out for hours then pumped on way home added that milk, everything was ice cold still after hours.

Will also be amazing when I go back to work not having to worry about ice packs and such I am a nurse and work 12 hr which turn into 13 or 14 hr shifts.

Haven’t used the pump adapters yet but will soon.

Natalie Freeman
Overall Great Purchase

Love the fact that it keeps breastmilk cold for as many hours as it does; however, it's difficult to open once sealed with ice/water and the chamber is difficult to get out once in.

Katherine Hilliard
This saved my husband’s life this morning!

This morning I found my Cerces Chill on the counter with my breast milk inside. I had added ice upon leaving work yesterday because it was hot out. There was still ice and the milk was cold. I feel perfectly comfortable feeding it to my baby today. I say it saved my husband’s life because I would swear I asked him to put it away last night…..


Definitely makes things easier. I am 10 months in on my second breastfeeding journey and this would have been nice for baby #1 when I went back to work much earlier. I bought this (yes 10 months in) for work travel, I now drive to visit my local accounts and overnight trips and thus my car is where I pump if I’m not at home. I do still keep a cooler in my car with ice for my flanges and the bottle that’s not in the chiller. I also figure keeping everything in the cooler keeps these items from becoming projectiles in the event of an accident. I do have to be careful not to tighten things to much or I don’t have the grip strength to open.