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Absolutely love my “Future’s so Bright White” Ceres Chill chiller! So easy to use, portable and the design is slick. Fun fact: you can also use the chiller for a bottle of wine. — Anna M.

First time using it today and it was a game changer! Every pumping mom should have one of these. I can attest to successfully double pumping with a hands free bra! The inner chamber is surprisingly light. — Holly

I'm contemplating getting another one! I'm totally in love with this product! — Nicole

I am so impressed! This really is a great product. It's much more versatile than I initially realized. I love that you can feed the baby straight from the cup. Thank you for this great product! — Kristen

I love my Ceres Chill pump bottles. My husband found them on Indiegogo and I was very excited to support the company and get this out to all pumping moms! I'm a military pilot mom. With my first baby, I carried around a very well insulated and heavy cooler with my pump because I could never guarantee I would have a trusted place to store my milk. After a week of use, Ceres Chill is infinitely easier to tote and are doing an outstanding job keeping my milk cold! Thank you for making this product! — Happy Mama

Peace of mind. When was the last time you heard a first time mother say or have that?! Well let me tell you, that’s what I have every time I use Ceres Chill. Not only can you pump and store directly into the container, but it helps to preserve the nutrients in the milk because it can keep it chilled for 16+ hours. I am no longer self conscious about pumping and storing my milk in a shared fridge at work because the container does not draw attention to the contents inside. Lastly, transporting milk is also another no-brainer, just grab and go. So what are you waiting for? Get one and see for yourself, you’ll thank me later! — Ngoc Chu

Holy moly this thing is more thoughtfully engineered than I expected! My first thought on getting it is how big it is and how heavy it would be hanging from my boob, but then I read that you can take the inner part out AND the connector off AND can even just pump into the cup if I want to. You guys have done an amazing job. Almost makes me want to have another baby just so I can use it longer :D Great job, I am PUMPED to start using it daily! — Samantha

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I’ll never travel while breast feeding without this again! Especially great for going through TSA!

Best Ever

This chiller takes almost all the stress out of pumping as a working mama! I no longer have to carry several bottles to store my milk or worry about having access to a fridge. No more toting ice packs and extra bags on a date night! My only regret is not knowing about this when I first started.

Love the compact size for keeping milk cold!

I love being able to pump on the go with the convenience and peace of mind knowing my milk is staying cold! So much more compact than a cooler with ice packs that don’t stay cold all day.


I love that I can keep my milk cold when I don’t have access to a fridge. It’s great for pumping at work and when going out of town on road trips.

Ice melts and difficult to open

I want to first say I absolutely LOVE the rose gold color! I received this about 3 weeks ago in preparation to go back to work, which I did this week. I work 12 hour shifts and expected my milk to be cold but I was very disappointed to see that by my second pump (which is every 3 hours) that the ice had already melted! I’m hesitant to give my baby this milk because I’m not sure it was kept at the correct temp now. In addition, I have to pour into the outer chamber and I find that there isn’t enough of a lip to grip and it’s difficult to open. So sad that this but isn’t what I expected.