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So easy for travel. Love it!


This is very helpful for working moms❤️❤️❤️

Great but not perfect

My milk would not get to a safe temperature of less than 40 f with using ice in the larger chamber and milk in the smaller chamber (aka advertised as the most convenient method). I ended up having to check it several times and adding more ice and it never got below 49 F after 3 hours. I had to switch to the alternative method of putting ice in the smaller chamber and milk in the larger chamber. While doing this I had a large milk spill which was quite upsetting. Using this method the milk got appropriately cold within 30 minutes read as 39 F. Lesson learned I won’t be using the method of putting milk in the smaller chamber again as it’s unreliable and leads to unsafe milk temps.

Other thing to note is the advertised keeps milk cold for 20 hours should be taken in the appropriate context. If you add body temperature milk you will have to replace the ice at least once throughout an 8 hour work day. I end up adding more ice to the inner chamber after each pump as ice is usually mostly melted by the time 2 hours rolls around for the next pump.

This will keep milk cold if you replace the ice but it’s not a set it and forget it solution like a fridge would be. However for me it is more convenient than having a large fridge and I have easy access to ice at work. If you don’t have access to ice for hours and will be adding milk throughout the day, I would consider an alternative milk storage solution. I am mostly happy with this product and I did buy a second one.

Hey A.C!
Oh wow! I am so glad you're loving your chiller, but I think there is a bit of confusion on the correct temperature for storing breast milk. Breast milk is really incredible and unlike regular food or milk. According to the Academy of Breast Feeding Medicine, breast milk can be stored at 59*F or below for up to 24 hours! Based on the info you've given us, it sounds like your milk has been incredibly safe in your chiller. As you stated, it does take time to bring your milk down to a safe temperature, and can take up to 4 hours to bring your milk down to a safe temperature once placed in the chiller. Whether your milk is placed in a cooler, a fridge, or the chiller - it will take time to bring your warm milk (98.6*F) down to a safe temperature for storage. I am so glad that you loved your chiller enough to purchase another! Please reach out to me at rachelp@cereschill.com if you have any more questions.
P.S. - This video is really helpful to ensure you have smooth pours from the outer chamber!


Very convenient. Good quality. Keeps milk cold for hours!

Great product!

I used it for a work day trip. It worked so well to not have to carry a cooler around, it’s stylish and easy to clean! Just remember to refill the ice when it melts about a couple hours. Definitely recommend though!