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Breast feeding moms… this is a need!! No longer having to worry about having a fridge. This keeps my milk cold for hours!! Used on vacation while on the go from place to place. AMAZING! I just keep the middle in the freezer frozen at all times and take it out when needed! The quality of this product is amazing! Definitely worth it!!!

chelsea wilkinson
Not sure if it keeps my milk cold

I leave this on my desk from 8-4 and I fill the small chamber with ice and I feel that the ices melts by 12 and I’m having to refill with ice if I have some, I just question if my milk is staying cold when I open it it doesn’t feel cold inside! So I have been putting it in the fridge so kind of defeats the purpose of such an expensive water bottle in my eyes. Not sure if I’m 100% a fan.

Chelsea! Oh wow! I am SO glad that you're loving the chiller, but please know it can be completely normal for your ice to melt a bit after several hours! Remember, the chiller is designed to hold breast milk, that comes out of your body at 98.6*F, and bring the milk down to a temperature that is safe to store milk! (59*F according to the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine). Even if your ice has melted a bit, it is still working to chill and maintain the temperature of your milk for the rest of the 20 hours! In case it helps, here’s our blog post about this: https://www.cereschill.com/blogs/news/my-ice-is-melting-fast
I definitely want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident using your chiller, though - please reach out to me at rachelp@cereschill.com anytime to talk this through. I'd love to make this work for you if I can.

All my best,

Maddie Papke
Perfect for pumping at work as a Nurse

I had my second child in October and purchased this Ceres Chiller to use at work. I am a Nurse and do 10 hour shifts. This has been perfect for my long shifts and is an easy way to store my milk. I much prefer this to having to store in bags or bottles in the community fridge or a questionably cold cooler. This has been so easy and put me at ease. I love it!

Kandice Atisme-Bevins

OG Breastmilk Chiller

Hey Kandice! I am so sorry your experience with your Chiller has been less than exceptional. I would love to make this right for you if I can! Please reach out to me at rachelp@cereschill.com, I look forward to talking with you!
All my best,

Best cooler/chiller ever!

This is the best cooler/chiller ever! I have left the outer chamber with ice open for more than 12 hrs and still found unmelted ice. It is lighter than a yeti of same size I definitely see myself using it beyond my breastfeeding journey.