• Breastmilk and COVID: What can we learn?

    By Alanna Iacovetti As we all know, breastmilk is magical. Just one drop contains more than one million white blood cells that help to fight in...
  • Let's get ALL of that breastmilk fat!

    By Alanna Iacovetti As with any chilled milk container, a fatty ring can form on the sides of your Chiller chamber. While this is completel...
  • "Oh no, my ice is melting fast!"

    Adding the cubes to the chamber before heading out is necessary to bring down the temperature of your milk, and you may be concerned if you notice them melting after a couple of hours. We’re here to let you know that ice melting is part of how the Ceres Chill chiller works!
  • The bipartisan PUMP act passes in the House!

    The act protects the basic rights of those who were excluded from the Break Time for Nursing Mothers law, and it extends break time and space protections to workers for up to two years after they give birth or begin to breastfeed. It also clarifies that if a worker is not completely relieved of duty during their pump breaks, it is then considered compensable time. 
  • Ceres Chill helps moms with High Lipase milk

    The flavor of high Lipase milk can change over the course of hours or days, but you have options and Ceres Chill makes scalding your milk easier!
  • Forbes interview with Lisa Myers

    Lisa Myers, the Founder and CEO of Ceres Chill, sat down to speak with Author and Senior Contributor for Forbes, Micah Solomon. She dives into this amazing journey of starting her own company and the impact that it’s had on her life, her family and moms all around the world.
  • Health benefits for the breastfeeding mama

    We know breastmilk promotes gastrointestinal and immune function and contributes to disease prevention throughout your little one's lifetime. What’s less known and discussed in medical settings and social circles are the health benefits that breastfeeding provides mom. Here are a few.
  • Finally, an update to milk storage guidelines!

    Photo by Mariel and Joey Lifestyle Photography UPDATE: In September 2021, the AAP removed the below guidance from their Frequently Asked Ques...
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get creative

    Amazing people create change! This military wife and mama turned an old room into a beautiful and accommodating oasis for nursing moms. If you love DIY room makeovers, you'll love this!
  • The Milk Factory

    Corrine Botz, a visual artist and educator, captured dozens of lactation spaces and working conditions that mothers face in her recent photo series and documentary “Milk Factory.” There are requirements for most mandated companies to provide a space for moms to pump, but that doesn’t mean that they are always adequate. 
  • Adding warm breastmilk to chilled: We know it’s controversial, but the science is too exciting not to share!

    Moms often want to combine their milk because they're interested in the benefits of the “pitcher method” or are just plain looking to simplify their challenging breastfeeding journey. A growing number of moms have reached out to us with questions about whether they can pool their breastmilk.
  • 6 tips for more comfortable breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding isn't always a pleasant—whether you're a new mom or a mom who has previously breastfed, here are several tips that can help you!