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The Ceres Chill Science Advisory Board

Our science

At Ceres Chill, we know that when you invent something new, it's more important than ever to have it rigorously tested and validated before putting it on the market. When that product is designed to keep breastmilk safe for newborns, it is absolutely of the highest importance to ensure that every product passes the most challenging tests.  All our breastfeeding products meet Consumer Protection standards for infants, FDA, and California Prop 65 guidelines. 

We work with trusted manufacturing partners that are like family and Eurofins, the gold standard in consumer products testing, as our primary partner for product safety testing. We use the highest quality materials and we KNOW our products are safe for our babies and yours. 

We also work with leaders in the field of breastmilk science to ensure we are providing families with the most cutting-edge research on the power of breastmilk and the safest storage.  

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Independently lab tested by a testing facility approved by the United States Consumer Protection Agency

Chiller test report — Compare us to the leading cooler!


Milkstache test report


Shield Maiden test report