Know a heroic mom? (Maybe it's you)

Moms are incredible and continue to show up in the ways the world needs them most, especially during truly challenging times.

Thank you for taking the time to honor a heroic mom - whether that's you, a friend or a colleague. Just fill out the short form below to nominate yourself or another mom for a free Ceres Chill Breastmilk Chiller.

We are so grateful to have your help in giving these deserving moms the very best. We can't wait to share Ceres Chill with your nominees because we know Ceres Chill changes lives. We hear it from moms who are striving to meet their breastfeeding goals while facing some of life's toughest circumstances.

Please know that we'll keep all information submitted here confidential. And of course we will contact the winners to get their permission for any social media acknowledgement we publish. More details

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This is all about lifting up hero moms and making life easier for those who are breastfeeding their babies. During this giveaway beginning November 15th, 2020, Ceres Chill will be awarding a Ceres Chill Breastmilk Chiller once a week to a selected U.S. mom who was nominated. There is no purchase necessary and no cost whatsoever (including taxes or shipping).

Ceres Chill changes the equation for all kinds of moms