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Pooling breastmilk

We are living in exciting times!  Although traditional medicine once ignored the power of breastmilk, recent research confirms breastmilk is  powerful, antimicrobial, full of living cells and fundamentally different from any other food.  

Recent peer-reviewed research details the significant benefits of pooling breastmilk over the course of 24 hours. However, as with a lot of questions moms have, there is a range of information out there on the internet. We want to share all of the information we have so you can do what's best for you and your baby.  

Based on recently published research, pooling breastmilk over the course of a day is beneficial. Pooled breastmilk provides evenly distributed caloric feedings, is more convenient for new mothers, and is believed to decrease the risk of contamination and bacteria that result from multiple containers. The study discussed below specifically showed no signs of increased bacteria from combining newly expressed milk with chilled milk from multiple pumping sessions over 24 hours.  

For many years and on many current websites, parents have been told that it is best to chill breastmilk before adding it to milk that is already cold.  The reasoning on these sites is based on a general approach to foods like raw meat or processed dairy products.  Searching the internet still turns up these food-based recommendations, but interestingly none of these websites cite human milk research or a scientific basis for the recommendation.

Consistent with the recent pediatric research findings, many Ceres Chill mamas use their Chillers to pump and store their milk all day. For more information about one of the studies on pooling breastmilk, check out the Journal of Breastfeeding Medicine (summarized here). 

Moms who want the flexibility of Ceres Chill but also want to follow the traditional recommendation to chill their milk before combining, purchase two Chillers (one to chill before combining, and one to store the combined milk all day or all night). Any two chillers can be purchased as a set at a significant discount. Discounted peace of mind and up to 48 ounces of storage for over 20 hours is pretty great and sure beats short-lived coolers for pumping mamas on-the-go.  

See the below excerpt from peer reviewed, published research by leading pediatricians in this field.  

"We found that a single daily [pooling of warm and chilled breastmilk] provides several important benefits— consistent nutrient quality, equivalent bacterial content, and improved maternal satisfaction—over individualized collection."

Lisa M. Stellwagen, Yvonne E. Vaucher, Christina S. Chan, Taylor D. Montminy, and Jae H. Kim; Breastfeeding Medicine Vol. 8, No. 2, published April 10, 2013

Unlike regular food,

breastmilk fights bacteria!

Every day, we learn more about the absolutely amazing anti-bacterial properties of breastmilk.  These new findings continue to improve and revise the traditional guidance published on the internet for those who are breastfeeding...but there is still a long ways to go. 

Things may change fast! The Covid-19 pandemic has brought researchers together in ways that seemed impossible before. Breastmilk research that would have taken years is now being completed in months. Milk scientists and breastfeeding researchers are meeting monthly with the World Health Organization to speed up the transition from discovery to policy.

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