Your Milk Can Save Lives

Human milk is so incredibly important to the health of infants. We know that it helps protect them from infections, helps them to grow and thrive, and aids in the development of their brain and neurologic tissue. It's also the easiest thing for them to digest, considering that it was made just for them.

All of these things are especially important for NICU babies.

Find a Milk Bank

If a baby is too small or too sick, it can be hard to breastfeed them. Coupled with the stress, fear, and overwhelming amount of information to absorb about their baby's condition, drops in supply can be fairly common for preemie moms.

To help support them and their baby, milk banks supply donor human milk that can be used in circumstances where the parent wishes to provide breastmilk but isn't able to do so on their own. 

The issue is that milk banks don't have enough milk donations to help save all the babies who need it. Babies like Micah or Gabriela.  That's where you can help! ❤️

To learn more about the milk donation process, find a milk bank close to you and visit their website for their specific requirements.

We want to help YOU help THEM.

When you donate milk to an accredited milk bank like the ones located on the map above, we'll give you an exclusive Donor Duo for the price of a single OG Chiller! Just fill out the form below with information on where you donated, and once we verify it, we'll send you your code!

The Donor Duo is an OG Chiller and Demigoddess Chiller in your color choice. The OG Chiller in this duo will be engraved with this beautiful design on the back, to recognize all the moms who have worked so hard to pump milk for other parents and babies in need. We see you! ❤️

Donations prior to 2024 can’t be accepted. Your personal one-use code will be emailed to you after we have verified your milk donation information. Only one entry per person.

Thank you for doing this. I hope you know how much it's helping another family. ❤️