Our Lifetime Warranty

The Ceres Chill Lifetime Warranty


We want your Chiller to be perfect for you. That's why, for the original purchaser, Ceres Chill parts are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Our products are created with the safest materials, and we carefully designed them to be lightweight, versatile and tough. Still, like anything else, they can be damaged by all the stuff that happens around parents leading challenging and epic lives.


If your Ceres Chill product is causing issues for you, just reach out to us with your name and order number and let us know what happened!


What’s excluded from this Lifetime Warranty?


The Lifetime Warranty extends to the original purchaser of the Ceres Chill item only when purchased from Ceres Chill directly.


The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage from misuse or travel, or abuse of the parts. Be sure to read the User Guides for all of the proper care tips!


*Wear and Tear means damage or the gradual deterioration in operating performance of a covered component which naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use, wear or aging. 


What if I don’t qualify for the warranty replacement?


We know that accidents can happen while you’re trying to do all of the incredible things. If you froze your inner chamber, dropped your chiller full of milk or accidentally put your outer chamber in the dishwasher, do not worry!


The great thing is, your Chiller can be returned to its former glory pretty easily - likely with just one replacement part. That’s why we have inner chambers and replacement plastic parts available at a discounted price if you’re not covered under the warranty. If you need a replacement outer chamber or another product replacement (like a Milkstache outer chest), you would have to reach out to us directly. 


What if my Ceres Chill product was a gift? As long as we can verify the purchase with the original purchaser’s name or order number, we’re all set!


Shipping on warranty replacements: We pay half the shipping. The balance of the cost will apply to all warranty replacements.


*Warranty replacement parts are not eligible for returns