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OG Chiller Extra Inner Chambers

OG Chiller Extra Inner Chambers

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Make life even easier by having an extra inner chamber.

  • Stash your full inner chamber in the fridge, grab your extra, and go
  • Skip having to run the dishwasher every day
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Nicole Fehr
Must Have Item

If you already have the ceres chill, getting an extra chamber is a must! I have loved the convenience of having multiple chambers to store milk in the fridge to cut down on random bottles, while also having an inner chamber to bring to work.


I like the upgraded replacement. It’s easier to grab and unscrew. I like that I now have an extra set so I’m not stressed out needing to wash and dry the parts before bedtime.

Erica L
Love my Ceres chill!

The ceres chill makes traveling with breast milk so easy. I traveled for 12 hours and my milk stayed at 40 degrees despite me adding milk to it twice! The two size options for storing milk are great- I prefer using the outer section to store milk, as I pump throughout the day and I use the inner chamber for ice with no issues. I was a bit skeptical at first about pooling milk as I had not stored milk that way before, but after reading further up on the matter and seeing how cold the milk stays, I have no issues with it anymore! I also love using my ceres chill at work; there are so many less parts to worry about! Customer service is also excellent. I had a question about a seal around the inner chamber, and they were quick to respond and remediate any potential issues. I recommend this product to all my breastfeeding friends!

Aly Stephenson

I wasn’t sure if these were actually something I would use/need, but I put them to work the day after they arrived! 😂 so nice to have extras on days I need more storage but the outer chamber wasn’t clean, or if I just need something bigger than 5oz to hold in the fridge!

Excellent Customer Service

My old inner chambers didn't fit with the new top connector (that they sent for shipping cost only to OG Ceres Chill owners). When I reviewed the new connector, Customer service reached out and sent me replacement inner chambers! They do work with the new connector and now I don't have to make sure to wash my connector for my next day of work immediately. Very happy with Ceres Chill!