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Shield Maiden Nipple Shields

Shield Maiden Nipple Shields

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Our Shield Maiden Nipple Guards are designed to assist moms and babies that are facing a variety of breastfeeding challenges. Ceres Chill's patent-pending shields can help your little one properly latch and suckle more effectively. Our unique design allows for maximized skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby. They’re comfortable, breathable, and flexible to help build your breastfeeding success.  

Reasons a Breastfeeding Mama May Need Nipple Shields:

  • Latching difficulties
  • Tongue ties
  • Soreness
  • Having flat or inverted nipples

But the most AMAZING part for any exhausted new mom is the color-changing quality! 

Shield Maidens are colorless when at body temperature so they don't interfere with a more natural breastfeeding experience, and to help you easily find them when they're not in use, the Shield Maidens become a highly-visible color when at room temperature. How cool is that?! 

Shield Maiden Nipple Guards:

  • Are made of laboratory-tested, food-grade silicone that has a velvety skin-texture on the side used by your nursing baby, and is smooth on mama’s side so it adheres well.
  • Include (2) Nipple Guards and a booklet by renowned lactation consultant, Katie Dunning. Our User guide helps you to ensure this is the last set of nipple shields you will need. 
  • Are FSA, HSA, and HRA reimbursable — just submit your receipt to your provider!
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you're not sure of your shield size (because who is?!), our Magic Sizing Kit includes one shield in each size. You can try them out and see which one feels the most comfortable for you! If you find your perfect match, please reach out to us at, and we’ll send you a promo code for 50% off to get the full set.  Nipples are cousins, not twins, so you might even use two sizes at once!
  • Contact us if you have questions about sizing or Shield Maiden Nipple Guards. 
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.



A Word From A Lactation Expert

Hello Hero Moms!

This transitional tool helps...

  • Preemies without the physiological development to effectively nurse
  • Overly slow or fast let-down — helps regulate the amount of milk received by the infant
  • Allow damaged nipples to heal
  • Teach a baby how to nurse with flat or inverted nipples, especially if they’ve become accustomed to a bottle
  • Resolve nipple confusion from bottle-feeding
  • Address tongue-tie, lip-tie, or abnormal palate

Advantages of the Shield Maiden...

  • The color change makes it easy to find
  • The texture is more like skin
  • More malleable than standard silicone which helps avoid painful pinching
  • The softer tip is less foreign to the baby and causes less gagging

All my best to you, 

Katie Dunning

Lactation advisor for over 25 years, Red Cross Healthy Pregnancy and Healthy Baby Instructor, and IBCLC 2004-2019 / 2004 Worldwide High Score 


 *Use your Shield Maidens only for their intended use as described in this booklet and do not allow children to access or use them without the supervision of an adult. Children should not play with the Shield Maidens or put them in their mouths. If swallowed, any nipple shield or guard is a choking hazard.

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Product Details

  • Choose from set of (2) in sizes 17mm, 24mm, or 27mm OR choose our Magic Sizing Kit with (1) 17mm, (1) 24mm and (1) 27mm
  • Made from lab-tested, food-grade platinum silicone w/ a velvety texture
  • Allows for maximum skin-to-skin contact
  • Comfortable, breathable, and flexible
  • FSA, HSA, and HRA reimbursable- Use your card or reimburse through your provider
  • Colorless at body temperature and a vibrant color when not in use, so they can be easily found!

Product Sizing

  • If you're not sure of your size (who really is?!) try our Magic Sizing Kit with one shield in each size!
  • Still not sure? Contact us if you have questions about sizing or Shield Maiden Nipple Guards. 

Product Care

  • Hand wash your shields and carrying case by immersing in warm, soapy water and gently rubbing
  • Dishwasher safe when kept on the top rack in a contained area, such as a cutlery basket
  • For extended life, do not dry on high heat. Allow to air-dry or wipe dry with a clean cloth
  • Store your Shield Maidens in their carrying case, another clean container, or on a clean, dry surface.
  • Sterilizing: Can be used with your chosen sterilizer, however high heat and intensity can be hard on any of your nursing/pumping gear over time

User Guide


Lifetime Warranty

We want your Ceres Chill products to be perfect for you. That's why Ceres Chill products are covered for the original purchaser by a Lifetime Warranty.

Learn More About Our Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews

They do not stay on and almost always end up entirely in my infant’s mouth. Each time I’ve tried to use them, he gives up and is in tears. It is frustrating for us both.

Hey Anna!
It sounds like this might be a sizing issue, and we would love to help you out with this! Please reach out to us and I can connect you with one of our Lactation Consultants.
All my best,

Does what is claims

I have to admit, the shields do exactly as they say, 1. Color change 2. Easy to put on and stick on 3. open slots for her to breathe through. However, like most things with babies, our girl does not like the tecture so I cannot use them to feed, she wont latch with it. Keep that in mind mom's, gotta be flexible, but always good to try things.

Maggie Hahn
Wanted to love them

I wanted to love these so bad. The concept is great, but like others have stated, the material is rather thick and my baby had a hard time with them. I kept trying to force him to use them and it just frustrated both of us.
For reference, I had a 34 weeker and we started using these when he was a little over 3 months old. I have flat nipples so it’s hard for him to latch, and his suck wasn’t strong enough with this material to pull my nipple into the shield to get a good latch.

Elizabeth Lester
Pretty big

The way the nipple part of the sheild itself is tapered is a bit large for baby’s mouth and the plastic is not very soft. The color changing is cool and the material is flexible.


Harder than expected. They don't mould to you as well as even some of the cheaper options. Baby could not get a deep latch with these

Hey Mama! We are really sorry you had this experience, and would love to help you out! Please reach out to us and we can put you in touch with one of our Lactation Professionals to help you out if you would like!
All my best,