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Lisa knows how challenging breastfeeding can be.

When she returned to work as a lawyer after having her son, she was determined to make this journey work. She had struggled with breastfeeding her daughter, and was committed to successfully breastfeeding her son in whatever way that looked like for her. BUT…

She worked in an office with mostly male colleagues and quickly realized that she was out-of-luck as far as safe, discreet breastmilk storage. Staring at the bottles of breastmilk lined up on her desk while planning her next work trip to settle a big case, she realized she needed something much, much better. She looked for ways to make work/life/pumping more manageable, but came up empty-handed or disappointed with cumbersome, icky, short lived, obvious milk storage options.

Being incredibly stubborn and a resourceful mom, she got down to work inventing a simple, versatile and convenient solution. Moms are incredible problem-solvers. It's what they do. She filed for a patent and began working with an amazing team of friends to make Ceres Chill available to any mom in search of a better way to achieve her breastfeeding goals while continuing to be a great professional success.

Now, Lisa dedicates herself and her company to innovating and advocating for pumping moms.  Everyday is invested in working to break down barriers for breastfeeding families across the globe.

A Note from Lisa

Hi! I'm Lisa Myers, the Inventor of Ceres Chill. 

I’m often asked why I created this company. I was actually pretty angry that moms were given no option except big, unreliable coolers. This lack of safe breastmilk storage was part of a bigger system that failed to support women trying to be mothers AND return to their lives out in the world. 

So I decided I would make this Chiller happen for all women — first responders, postal workers, soldiers, doctors, nurses, realtors, caterers, teachers, exclusive pumpers — all of them.  

I'm so proud to be working in support of hero moms and families everywhere, bringing science to the table. I’m here to support you on your unique journey!

  • Erin Thomasson

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jarrod Gerhardt

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Alanna Iacovetti

    Senior Manager, Partnerships and Brand Development

  • Rachel Pearce

    Director of Customer Service

  • CJ Miller

    Operations Manager

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