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Join our team of enthusiastic moms who love their Chillers, and can't wait to share about the ways Ceres Chill has taken their breastfeeding journeys to whole new heights!

Ceres Chill is thrilled to offer a commissioned affiliate program for moms who are proud to spread the word: Free The Moms! Save the Milk!

In return, we offer a 10% commission from each order that's made through your own special link.

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  • Retail Partnerships

    If you're in the business of reselling products related to babies and growing families, a partnership with Ceres Chill might be right for you! 2023 brings great new retail packaging to make our Free the Moms Starter Kit shine on your shelves, and there's more to come. A growing number of retail partners around the world have teamed up with us to bring their customers the best.

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  • Experts & Medical Providers

    We love teaming up with incredible experts who work tirelessly to help moms and families! We are so thrilled to partner with birthing centers, midwifery clinics, hospitals and more to support communities around the world.

    That's why we have some amazing packages tailored to your needs as an expert in this space.  Please reach out to us anytime for more details on all the special deals we have for our partners!

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