Let's bust some breastfeeding myths!

Let's bust some breastfeeding myths!

Breastfeeding is important, but it's seldom easy. Many parents face common, shared challenges but they suffer in silence because they believe they are alone. In fact, breastfeeding is a journey filled with highs and lows shared by millions of families. Don’t be stopped by these challenges or myths! Knowledge is power. You’ve got this, mama!


Because breastfeeding is natural, it should be easy 


Breastfeeding is a skill that both you and your baby learn at the same time. It is highly unlikely it will be effortless and “natural” from Day 1. Just because you struggle with latch issues, pain, or awkwardness at first, it's no indication that you won’t be successful. 

My son had both a tongue and lip tie. My daughter just would not latch for the first several days. Getting the tongue tie fixed and working through the frustration with my daughter helped me reach my goal, but it definitely was not easy.  

You don't have to give up on your goal—you can do this and if you are completely overwhelmed or in pain, a knowledgeable lactation specialist can help you past feeling stuck or helpless!  


If you don't exclusively breastfeed, you've failed


I know this nasty myth far too well. I still fight the urge to feel that I failed my daughter by supplementing with formula. The best advice I got from my lactation consultant when I had my second baby was that even just one ounce of breastmilk a day has huge benefits for your baby. She let me know I was a really good mom even though I didn't have an enormous stash of breastmilk saved up and I wasn’t sure I could exclusively breastfeed for the recommended six months. Because of that reassurance and setting small, manageable goals, I successfully breastfed my son for 18 months and supplemented with formula when I took a very long work trip.


You're a great mom if you do the right thing for you and your baby, even if that means supplementing or exclusively pumping. Fed and healthy is best. 


If you've consumed "bad stuff," you'll poison your baby, give them an allergic reaction, or upset their stomach unless you pump and dump all your milk


You don’t have to “pump and dump” breastmilk after drinking alcohol or eating spicy food. Alcohol and many food components leave your breastmilk at the same rate as alcohol leaves your bloodstream (a few hours, depending on how much, etc.).   

If your baby seems to have potential food allergies, you can take small steps to manage your diet and still breastfeed. A supportive pediatrician or a knowledgeable lactation consultant can help you learn what might be going on and form a plan. 


If your baby seems to always be hungry and is eating around the clock, you're not producing enough. 


"Cluster feeding" is when a baby suddenly seems to always be hungry and constantly wants to nurse. It's a very real and totally overwhelming thing. When these cluster feeding attacks happen, it feels like you aren’t producing enough. I act remember being exhausted, frustrated and so worried.  

But I bet you a million dollars that you have the perfect amount of milk and your baby is just helping you to produce more for his or her next developmental leap. Trust your instincts and do your best to stay hydrated and rested (ha! but it is a good goal). Consult a lactation consultant and pediatrician if you think there is a real problem, such as your baby is not having regular dirty diapers or isn't gaining weight. 


Never ever ever ever add warm milk to chilled milk. Chill it first or chuck it! 


This is one of those old ways of thinking that is passed around a lot but has no research attached to it. Moms deserve the truth about their breastmilk. IT IS NOT FRAIL. Expressed breastmilk is an incredible substance that is active and has so many incredible properties. It actually fights harmful bacteria! Peer-reviewed and published research by leading pediatricians confirms that our breastmilk doesn't develop bad bacteria the same as a chicken breast thawing on your kitchen counter. Brilliant doctors who have studied the remarkable aspects of breastmilk confirm something truly great: not only can you add warm milk to chilled, doing so has benefits for you and your baby! 

According to Dr. Stellwagen and her pediatric medicine colleagues:

“Hospitals have traditionally recommended that milk from each pump session should be individually stored, but this approach has not been validated. Furthermore, the merits of 24-hour pooling of mother's own milk have not been examined in the clinical environment. We found that a single daily pooling strategy provides several important benefits— consistent nutrient quality, equivalent bacterial content, and improved maternal satisfaction—over individualized collection.”

Lisa M. Stellwagen, Yvonne E. Vaucher, Christina S. Chan, Taylor D. Montminy, and Jae H. Kim

Breastfeeding Medicine Vol. 8, No. 2, Published Online: April 10, 2013

Why bust myths? 

Ceres Chill founder Lisa Myers is a full-time working mom of two who is unwavering in her belief that women deserve to to live their lives without having to compromise breastfeeding goals.

Being a parent and being your true self doesn't need to be in conflict. You can push for personal achievement without compromising all of your goals as a mom. Work and maybe even travel, too? Not a problem. It might be tough at times, but you’ve got this!

Ceres Chill gives you an easy, beautiful, and safe way to store the milk you pump while away from your baby. It also helps reduce the frustrating and overwhelming obstacles that every mom faces and can get stopped by.

Hundreds of moms—doctors, nurses, soldiers, teachers, postal workers, EMTs, and so many others—have relied on Ceres Chill to get them through the hard days of a breastfeeding journey. It’s the first ever grab-and-go breastmilk chiller. Finally, moms are free of clunky coolers, ice packs, and mountains of disposable plastic. 

Check out our game-changing product for new moms

This chiller is a game changer—as a surgeon, I'm often running to or from the hospital or clinic.

I was worried I might stick my milk in a fridge and forget it, or not bring enough ice packs for a little cooler. I have a wearable pump, so when I'm done with a case I can pump while finishing my charting, put my milk into the Ceres Chill, and keep moving with my day. It stays ice-cold all day long. It's also great for middle-of-the-night pumping when the baby sleeps and I need to empty—I can do a quick pump directly into the Ceres Chill and go right back to sleep without having to go downstairs. Also, super easy to clean. Worth every penny! Also customer service is amazing. 



Must have!

I just used my new Ceres Chill on a 16+ hour road trip with my 10 week old and it was a game changer! It was so convenient and easy to use and provided a ton of peace of mind knowing the milk I had was staying cold! I highly recommend this product and cannot wait to keep using it, exploring its full potential 👍👍



Amazing product

Highly recommend

These chillers are amazing to store breast milk in. I love how I can fill up the bigger container with ice water and the smaller chamber with just my milk to keep it chilled all day long. Totally recommend this product to any working, breastfeeding and pumping parent.

Crystal J.


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