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New Upper Parts

New Upper Parts

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LIMIT ONE PER PERSON. If you have more than one Chiller and would like to request an extra replacement set, please reach out to us at 

I hope you know that everyone at Ceres Chill is committed to innovation and making the lives of pumping moms easier. 

Since inventing the ground-breaking Chiller in 2020, I've taken every opportunity to take advantage of innovations in materials, manufacturing processes, and design. 

Recently, a large pump manufacturer changed their design in a way that made it hard for moms with that pump to use their Chiller for pumping on the go. I wasn't going to leave those moms hanging so I got to work to update the Chiller design to help those moms, while adding modifications that other moms might find helpful.   

*If you purchased your Chiller after September 2023, your Chiller will have new parts.

The new design incorporates a few cool changes:

  • The Connector is now compatible with the new Medela Pump In Style and similar new-style Medela pumps to allow for easy double-pumping. 
  • The Upper Cup now has a polished window that shows the ounce and milliliter markings more clearly.
  • There are fewer ridges on the inside of the Connector to allow you to more easily capture every last drop of milk. 
  • The Upper Cup and Connector can now hold up to 7 ounces when assembled for double-pumping or as a baby bottle. 
  • The new Connector design and threading make it grippier and easier for us moms with small hands to unscrew.

If you're loving your current Chiller components, awesome! Go ahead and keep on living your epic Chiller life. (No need to bother with these revised parts.)

*International customers, reach out for special shipping details*

If you have more than one Chiller you would like help with, please reach out to us at for individual assistance.  

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions about your Chiller, the new parts, or any other products that we offer.  I always appreciate hearing from you and having the chance to help. If you know of a mom who might need these new parts as well, feel free to forward the link! 




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Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Best way to travel

This is my 3rd bottle that I’ve purchased and it was a breeze to travel with through TSA. I’m thankful I found this product. I use it for local trips and my business trips. I like that it has an extended life with the flip straw option later. I use my smaller bottle as a bottle warmer when we are out and about as well.

Kayla M
Upper Connector - NEW!

This is great! Much easier to use and much grippier to make opening easier. I live in a high altitude area so my chiller frequently pressurizes itself- the grippers on the new cap make it possible to open vs battling for my life with the old version. Love it!


Love how easy to use and store my milk! I bought a coworker one for her baby shower because she loved how much I used mine!

Lisa B
Love the little changes

I do not have the medela pump that the new design is made to accommodate but it worked just as well with the adapter for my wide mouth pump and I had no issue using my medela hand pump with the new neck design. I really like the smoothness of the inside now. I noticed almost no milk pooling which I know for many of us every drop counts! Not to mention the bonus of it being easier to clean if you are hand washing. The more pronounced area to turn the lid on and off was great!! As someone with wrist issues I did just once or twice tighten my top just a bit too much that I had to get someone else to unscrew it. The larger raised area completely eliminated any worry of me over tightening. Oh also the cap piece having a slight translucence now is just a fun little new look for my chiller.

Thank you!

Thank you for updating the new parts. I love that I'm able to put more ice in the tube for extra cooling, and the cleaning is much easier.