Ceres Chill is a great example of FemTech

By Lisa Myers

 The Woman Inventor produced by Charlotte Smith. Smithsonian National Museum of American History photo.


The rise of FemTech

Women are leading the  creation of female-centric products across many categories.

It all started here

Lisa made a quick drawing very early on to illustrate her groundbreaking invention. It was included in her patent application.

And now it's a real live patent — the first to be granted of several patents in the pipeline

October 2022 is a BIG month for Ceres Chill in several ways, not least because the Chiller patent was granted.

Check it out in all its glorious detail

Patents pending cover patents pending on the Shield Maiden nipple shield, the Milkstache, and the Super Easy Sipper Lid. And two other new product patents are underway.

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