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Never worry about safely storing your breastmilk again!    

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6 reasons why Ceres Chill is the answer

6 reasons why Ceres Chill is the answer

  • 100% risk-free purchasing: Comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a money-back guarantee that your Chiller makes your first year as a new mom easier. 

  • FSA, HSA, and HRA approved! Use your cards or get reimbursed.

  • First responders, essential workers & military families enjoy 20% off.

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Customer Reviews

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Mayra Loyola
Does not work as advertised.

I got the chiller because I wanted to pump directly so I bought the adapters for my Avent pump, but they didn’t fit properly. It leaks and doesn’t suction as it should. The chiller is fine though, but the main reason I got it, was to pool the milk and it didn’t work for me.

Oh! I am so sorry about this. This doesn't sound right at all. Please reach out to me at, I would really like to help you out with this!

Kelly Grgurich
Office manager

Great product!

Gurtina Besla

OG Breastmilk Chiller

Sarah L
Love it!

I absolutely love my Ceres Chill… I used it for my first full day away from baby, I was gone for about 10 hours and pumped throughout the day. My Chill kept my milk cold all day and the ice didn’t melt. I was hesitant to buy due to the price but this will make my life so much easier when I’m out and need to pump because I don’t have to bring a cooler and bottles and ice packs. Highly recommend!!

Lauren Nichols
Love this!

So easy, keeps milk safe for peace of mind!