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Happily-Ever-After Bundle

Happily-Ever-After Bundle

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Just when you thought your Chiller couldn't get cooler—It did! The Happily-Ever-After Set gives you everything you need to celebrate your awesomeness! Get ready to fall in love with your Chiller all over again, and truly enjoy it for years and years to come.

 You worked so hard to get this far - now sit back, relax, and drink it all in.   

Each set includes:

  • Our Flip-and-Sip Straw Top and Awesome Infuser to transform your outer chamber into a powerful tool to maintain your hydration with perfectly steeped tea and well-earned Zen! Use it to create hot and cold flavor-infused beverages just the way you like them.
    • Flip-and-sip top seals your bottle when not in use and easily pours into your Ceres Chill cup for on-the-go hot or cold drinks.
    • Reusable, Chiller-length straw
    • Detachable fine-mesh, stainless steel infuser capsule to use with your Chiller, your favorite teapot or individual cups
  • A set of (2) patent-pending "Super Easy Sipper" press-on silicone lids. Transform your inner chamber, narrow neck baby bottle, or standard juice bottle into an on-the-go toddler sipper cup.
    • An extra 12 oz. inner chamber to help you and your growing baby get through the long and short days of driving to daycare, tiny tot sports, and general craziness.  

    As always, our products come with a Lifetime Warranty and are made from the safest, highest quality sustainable materials and are thoroughly tested in United States Consumer Protection approved labs located just outside of Seattle, WA.  All materials are BPA and lead-free.  The Flip-and-Sip top is made of food grade platinum silicone and the mesh infuser is made of the highest quality FDA approved stainless steel.  

     Giving The Bundle As a Gift? In the order notes, include your special note, and we’ll make sure this bundle arrives as a gift you are incredibly proud to give! (Or add one of our super cool Chiller Glam Sticker Cards.)

    Caution: do not seal any container, including your Chiller, with extremely hot contents inside. When removing your tea infuser or opening the drink spout, be aware that contents may be hot and could cause burns. Avoid using boiling water with your Chiller. 

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    Product Details

    • 12 oz. Stainless steel Inner Chamber w/cap
    • Flip-and-Sip Top and Straw made from plastic that's BPA/BPS & DEHP free
    • Awesome Infuser made of stainless steel
    • Fits OG Chiller and Demigoddess Mini Chiller
    • Sipper Easy Sipper Lids made from food-grade platinum silicone and fits your Inner Chamber, narrow-neck baby bottles, and standard juice bottles

    What's Included

    • (1) 12 oz. Inner Chamber (fits OG Chiller)
    • (1) Flip-and Sip Top with Chiller-length strap
    • (1) Awesome stainless steel infuser
    • (2) Super Easy Sipper lids

    Product Care

    For all included items

    • Wash throughly before use
    • Dishwasher safe, top rack only
    • Do Not Microwave
    • Do Not Boil- will damage components
    • Do Not Freeze- will cause expansion/ misshape components
    • Read included care instructions carefully

    User Guide

    Please refer to our User Guide for more detailed information.

    Lifetime Warranty

    We want your Chiller to be perfect for you. That's why Ceres Chill parts are covered for the original purchaser by a Lifetime Warranty.

    Learn More About Our Warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Love it

    I wanted to buy this for a while but kept putting it off. But after having to constantly used multiple bottles for milk storage and washing multiple bottles everyday I finally made the decision to give this a try. I am very happy with the product and would definitely recommend it to every new mom.

    Darryen Garner

    Happily-Ever-After Bundle


    The sippy lids are amazing. My little one is learning how to use cups and I love that the lid can fit the inner chambers. It is leak proof. The only issue is my son can pull it off if so inclined. I do wish I could buy handles for the chambers that I could put on when used as a sippy cup. I hadn't used the infuser yet because I'm still using my chillers as breast milk collectors and not drinking bottles. I'm glad I have that as an option though. This is great company with wonderful customer service.

    Aimee Moran
    Priceless Convenience

    With my first kid, the idea of lugging around a cooler of multiple bottles of milk was one of many things that squashed that first breastfeeding experience. Now with my second kid, have the Ceres Chill as one easy and discreet breast milk storage has made continuing to breastfeed while returning to work possible.


    Great bundle.