How it works

A storage & convenience revolution

  • Pump all your milk directly into Ceres Chill 
  • Long workdays and travel are a snap — No more 5-ounce bottles that separate foremilk from hindmilk 
  • Work and travel independent of your baby with confidence that all your milk is safe hours later 
  • Ceres Chill looks like any other thermos 
  • Caregivers use the Cup as a bottle to warm milk to feed your baby 

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Customer Reviews

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Ariel Barcus

This product is wonderful! I just used it for the first time the other day and it's a life saver when I'm out and about for a long day.

Kristin Frazier

This chiller has simplified my life! I double pump into the larger chamber so I did have to buy an extra adapter to do that and it is so worth it! I no longer have tons of bottles to mess with everyday. I only have a handful of bottles that I use for storing milk to send to the baby sitter and for baby to drink from. I am loving how easy it is to pump all day while in nursing school. And when I go to clinicals I won’t have to worry about finding a fridge or forgetting my milk in a fridge because I just carry it around with me! Thank you Ceres Chill! I’m trying to spread the word to anyone I know who breastfeeds!

Allison Sanders
Great for medical mom life

love love love my chill!! I work 12 hr shifts in the medical field and I'm able to pump and store during my whole shift! it's wonderful to not have all those embarrassing bags in the work fridge either! I love the handle with mine makes it easy to carry and noone knows what's in there so it's discret as well! highly recommend!!!

Amazing product, Quality Service!

Product - I ordered my Ceres Chill about 2 weeks ago in hopes it would make our upcoming travel easier, and did it ever! TSA was a breeze and it was wonderful to travel with 24oz of milk without worrying about multiple bottles, ice packs, or an extra cooler! I filled my Chiller around 7:00AM and poured out a bottle for my daughter around 1:00PM, when we landed and settled, and my milk felt colder than fresh from the fridge!

Customer Service - Towards the end of my trip the rubber plug in my connector came out and it took me a day or two to realize why my things were leaking...missing rubber plug will do it every time. I e-mailed Customer Service and heard back within hours. After a pleasant back and forth with a representative, Lisa (boss-lady herself!) called me! I felt genuine care from her in regards to my situation and she even helped me problem solve to travel and not lose any of my milk! Within a few days arriving back home I had a new Connector and I am back to worry-free milk storage when out and about!

A wonderful product and fantastic service. If you're on the fence about this product, just do it! It will 100% make your pumping life easier!


I am a Physician and I love that I can keep my breast milk chilled through my long work hours. I also love the portability of the chiller rather than having to depend on a refrigerator.

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