How it works

A storage & convenience revolution

  • Pump all your milk directly into Ceres Chill 
  • Long workdays and travel are a snap — No more 5-ounce bottles that separate foremilk from hindmilk 
  • Work and travel independent of your baby with confidence that all your milk is safe hours later 
  • Ceres Chill looks like any other thermos 
  • Caregivers use the Cup as a bottle to warm milk to feed your baby 

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Amazing product and customer service!!

I’m active duty Army so I’m out and about all the time. The CeresChill was a PERFECT solution for being able to pump and store on the go! And it’s sleek design made it easy for me to carry around or even have on my desk and they were none the wiser.

I also emailed the company with a concern and not only did they respond so quickly but the kindness, friendliness, and professionalism that was shown throughout my entire experience was absolutely amazing! They worked with me to find a reasonable solution and treated me with the utmost respect the entire time! I’ll gladly recommend any CeresChill product to all my girlfriends and mamas any and every day!

Nina S

Very prompt return to question. Were able to retro actually on our discount.


Fast response and excellent service. Would recommend

Katie Schlotthauer

Prompt response to my email with a plan for follow up to make sure I receive my item by the needed time! Thank you for the excellent customer service!

Angelica Rutherford
Wanted to love them

I bought 2 of these because I was taking a trip to Disneyland and I exclusively pump. I had to keep refilling the ice every couple of hours because it would melt, but it was really hot out. Then I figured out that if I freeze water in the inner chamber overnight, it stays cold ALL day. But the biggest issue I have with them, which is making me consider returning, is that they are IMPOSSIBLE to open sometimes. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing or if it’s pressurizing or suctioning itself somehow or what but it sometimes will not open and I have to have a bunch of different people try until someone can get it open. Not the most convenient when I have a screaming hungry baby. But other than that, really cool product.

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