How it works

A storage & convenience revolution

  • Pump all your milk directly into Ceres Chill 
  • Long workdays and travel are a snap — No more 5-ounce bottles that separate foremilk from hindmilk 
  • Work and travel independent of your baby with confidence that all your milk is safe hours later 
  • Ceres Chill looks like any other thermos 
  • Caregivers use the Cup as a bottle to warm milk to feed your baby 

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Customer Reviews

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The products are great for storing pumped milk, and the customer service was fast, considerate, and efficient in resolving an issue!


This has been amazing for road-trips, going to the office, or just keeping the milk cool at night so I don’t have to go downstairs and put the milk in the fridge. The Chiller keeps the milk noticeably cool and I love that it will still have a purpose when I no longer need it for pumping. It is also great being able to pump directly to the canister and cup, since it cuts down on how much I need to carry! Highly recommend


Not only is the product convenient, but the customer service is amazing. Any questions/concerns are quickly answered, and when ordering, the items get to you extremely fast. Very impressed with not only an amazing product, but with customer service!

Elisa E.

I am just back to work and this thing makes pumping at work so much more bearable! Reduces the need to carry another bulky item like a cooler and multiple bottles. Loving it so far!


It's so convenient! I also love that it's not obviously a breast milk chiller - my classmates assume it's a water bottle.

Breastmilk Chiller