How it works

A storage & convenience revolution

  • Pump all your milk directly into Ceres Chill 
  • Long workdays and travel are a snap — No more 5-ounce bottles that separate foremilk from hindmilk 
  • Work and travel independent of your baby with confidence that all your milk is safe hours later 
  • Ceres Chill looks like any other thermos 
  • Caregivers use the Cup as a bottle to warm milk to feed your baby 

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Customer Reviews

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Anna Lisk
Life Saver

This puppy has saved me so many times. It saves me room in my pumping bag, I don’t have to worry about bringing extra pumping bottles to work, I’ve had to pump in my car. It’s just the best. Love it.

Loving my Chiller!

I LOVE the chiller it has been super helpful even with the recent high 90s to 100 degree summer weather! Ide keep it in my car to test it out on the day it reached 100 and omg the milk was completely unaffected and just stayed so cold! Great customer service even before purchasing ( they were able to deeply check into their inventory for a specific chiller I wanted and totally delivered!) Thank you again! 😊 👍

Diana Andler
Great product!

I went back to work recently and the room I am using to pump is SO far from my office. This chiller has made my life so much easier, and now I don't have to worry about forgetting pumped milk in the fridge at work! It's so easy to use and clean, and I'm sure I'll find other uses for it besides storing milk at work. The customer service is also amazing - fast response time and super helpful. Highly recommend this product!

Sunshine C.
O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D ! ! ! !

I am OBSESSED! Before I discovered Ceres Chill, I had to pack a separate cooler just to keep my son’s milk cold for an outing. Now, all I have to worry about packing is a single Ceres chill and it will keep his milk cold literally all day. It also fits PERFECTLY into my diaper bag so no more worrying about lugging two bags around. I usually freeze water or put ice in the inner chamber and fill the outer chamber with his milk; also FYI the top cap fits any standard neck nipple (Dr. Browns, Similac, etc) and can hold 3 oz of milk! 🤯 a Ceres chill is seriously an all-in-one!

They also have a flip-n-sip attachment that will turn any chiller into a fully functional water bottle for Mama (or even Daddy!), which is currently what I’m using my Rose Gold chiller for.

Now you may ask, why the heck does she need so many chillers for?! Not only are they so super aesthetically pleasing to look at, they have so many different uses and my favorite reason was never having to worry about carrying more than 1 bag around for my kids. I can fit literally 3 Ceres perfectly in my diaper bag to hold breast milk for baby, cow’s milk for big brother, and an ice cold drink for Mommy&Daddy. & I can have a different one to match every outfit 😉.


It is such a game changer! I am in love with it I'm a wedding photographer and I was stressed out about storing my milk on wedding days and it works perfect! I also love to use it to transport milk! Highly recommend!!!

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