The Ceres Series with Ceres Chill founder Lisa Myers

Insights and news-you-can use about breastfeeding for moms on the go

  • Is COVID bringing breastfeeding out of the shadows?

    Part 2 of a 2-part series on being a pumping mom out in the world

    So many aspects of our lives are unknown right now. There are days when it can be paralyzing but, as parents, we have no time to deer-in-headlights this crisis. We know we must keep going forward, doing the best we can for our families. 

  • Why I risked my health, sanity, and financial security for Ceres Chill

    Part 1 of a 2-part series on being a pumping mom out in the world 

    Ceres Chill was born my first day back to work in the office. I was so proud of myself for making pumping happen. I had the pump and all the parts. I was doing this! I finished my first pump session and then...just stared at the super-obvious plastic bottles of breastmilk lined up on my desk in my toasty warm office, which opens onto a hallway full of pretty much all men and thought…now what?