Creating a roadmap for healthy living as a new mom

We love our fans, many of whom do amazing work in the world while also being dedicated and thoughtful parents. This is a guest post from Jenna Sherman of Parent-Leaders

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Practicing healthy habits can be tough under the best of circumstances, and if you’ve recently had a baby, it can feel downright impossible! When you’re adjusting to motherhood, you may struggle to prioritize yourself, and with your energy depleted, you may not have the motivation to cook nutritious meals or exercise. Here’s how to design a personal roadmap for healthy living so that you’ll be able to kick any lingering bad habits and start feeling happier and healthier on a daily basis.

Find a freelance dietician

You don’t have to navigate your healthy living journey on your own—in fact, there are plenty of wellness experts who would love to help you instill new habits and change your lifestyle! For instance, if you’d like professional guidance on diet, nutrition, and weight loss, you could search for freelance dietitians on online job boards. A freelance dietitian can work with you to plan out healthy meals, and they can schedule flexible sessions based on your routines! You might also want to consider working with other freelancers who can help you lose weight in a sustainable way, like online yoga teachers, physical trainers, or even life coaches.

Work out with your new baby

As a new mom, you may not be ready to hit the gym and return to intense workouts. But once you’re physically up to it, it’s good to block off some free time each day for gentle exercise that you can do with your baby. To get moving again without putting too much stress on your body, try to include a walk in your daily to-do list.

Before you head out the front door for a stroll, make sure that you have everything you need, like snacks, water, and your diaper bag. If you think your baby will get hungry during your outing, don’t leave without your convenient Ceres Chill thermos, which can keep breastmilk cool for up to twenty hours! This specialized thermos was designed for pumping mothers with busy schedules, so you can use it to pump or feed your baby when you’re on the go.

Plan healthy meals

When you’re busy with a new baby, trying to cook every night can be too time-consuming! If you’ve been tempted to order takeout or heat up microwavable meals, it’s understandable. Make life easier by meal prepping on the weekends with your partner. Parents suggests choosing meals in advance, cooking each dish, and then portioning them out and storing

lunches and dinners in secure containers. Clear out some space in your refrigerator and freezer

before you start cooking so you’ll have plenty of room for storage!

Even if you’re eating well, you may want to ask your doctor about any supplements you should be taking. After giving birth, you want to make sure you’re not missing out on any key nutrientsso inquire about supplements like Vitamin B12 or Vitamin D.

Keep a mental-health journal

After having a baby, managing your mental health can be difficult, and when you’re feeling drained, you may turn to easy coping mechanisms, like binge-watching a TV show, rather than fulfilling activities. Instead, try keeping a mental health journal. HealthShots recommends writing down when you feel anxious or depressed, and reviewing your entries on a regular basis. If you notice any concerning patterns, it may be time to talk to a therapist.

If you’re a new mom who finds it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle, don’t be too hard on

yourself. After all, you’re adapting to a major life change, and now, you have a baby to attend to.

By easing back into healthy habits, you’ll be able to make positive changes without packing your


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