Ceres Chill is helping to provide relief

Just about any mom that is breastfeeding knows it is tough. Add being an ER nurse or essential personnel during COVID-19. This is what many mothers are going through as we speak. One has to wonder: how do they keep their breastmilk safe? 

Chaunie Brusie, from Nurse.org, wrote an excellent article tackling this very question. She says it is possible to keep breastmilk safe and provides ideas on how to do so in her article.With advocates like this, mothers rest easy knowing they can continue to save their breastmilk while saving lives.​ 

Even if one tests positive for COVID-19, Brusie points out, it is possible to keep breastmilk safe from contamination, and mama can continue to breastfeed, (there are rare exceptions when this is unsafe). 

Washing your hands carefully, as well as your breast-pumping parts is the best defense against this infection. Not to mention, allowing someone else to feed the baby with the expressed breastmilk if mama is sick with the virus. 

Ceres Chill is happy to announce we have been able to do our part in bringing relief to our breastfeeding families. Several of our breastfeeding mamas are those working in our ERs or general hospital setting. 

"I’m an ER nurse and love this product because it keeps my milk fresh longer than my 12-hour shift and I can pump right into the breast milk I pumped previously. It’s amazing,"​ says one of our mom-customers.

Ceres Chill is honored to help moms like these.​ As members of a global community fighting to overcome a health crisis, we are so grateful for their service.  

Trillitye Paullin, Ph.D.
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