Celebrating Working Mothers at Ceres Chill: My Journey of Support and Empowerment

By Kaia Groneng


Working Mother's Day is a meaningful time to reflect on my journey as a working mother, the challenges I've met, and the invaluable support I've received at Ceres Chill. I'm proud to share my story, as a single, working mom; having to navigate the delicate balance between motherhood and career. I hope that my story encourages other working moms who may be feeling caught up or “stuck” between their desires of fulfilling their roles as mothers, while feeling accomplished & successful in their careers.   

I knew early in my pregnancy that I would be a working mom. Despite the unexpected challenges of a difficult divorce, I remained steadfast in my determination to provide for myself and my daughter. As an entrepreneur for the past three years, the drive to work has always been ingrained in me. However, the prospect of finding a job that would allow me the flexibility to be present for my daughter while making a meaningful contribution to society seemed daunting. It was probably one of the hardest decisions I had to make for myself as a mother for my family. Transitioning back into the workforce as a single mother presented its own set of challenges. The search for a job that would offer flexibility while still allowing me to make a meaningful contribution to society was not easy. Countless applications and disappointments tested my resilience, but my persistence ultimately led me to the position I have today.  

The search for a meaningful, yet flexible job was tough. The struggle to find a balance between work and motherhood is probably one of the most common challenges I see moms face, especially considering the high costs of childcare. However, my prayers were answered when I landed a position here at Ceres Chill. Not only did the company offer revolutionary products, but it also fostered a supportive work culture that resonated deeply with me as a working mom. 

Working Mama-Release the Guilt  

Like many working mothers, I've grappled with feelings of guilt. Guilt about not spending enough time with my daughter, guilt about balancing my time between work, raising my child, and caring for my home, and even guilt for feeling like I’m not doing enough.

Feeling guilt doesn't diminish my role as a mom; rather, it serves as a reminder of how blessed I am to provide for my family. It's important for moms to release any guilt or shame they may harbor about their feelings regarding working. If you are like me and have to work —you may find yourself wearing many hats or being needed in more than one place at a time. I think one of the most miraculous things about motherhood is the ability to stretch ourselves to meet all the demands life throws at us. Today, it is more common than not to have to return to work to support our families. Many moms tend to count themselves out as valuable employees, entrepreneurs or career persons after taking time off to be with their children. If this is something you are grappling with, I empathize with you 100%. However, I challenge you to a perspective shift. I know it can be tough to shake off that feeling of doubt when you've taken time off to focus on raising your little ones.

But here's the thing: being a mom doesn't mean you've lost your edge as a careerist. In fact, it's quite the opposite.  Think about it---moms have honed valuable skills that many people dream of. As a mom, you are probably a master multitasker, a problem-solving pro, and a logistical genius. You've managed schedules, budgets, and crises like a boss. These are skills that any employer would be lucky to have on their team. When it came to crunch time, and I was able to integrate this realization about myself alongside the desire to support my family—everything shifted for me, and I was able to land a life-changing opportunity. So instead of counting yourself out, it's time to count yourself in. Embrace the unique strengths that motherhood has given you and let them shine in your career. You are setting a valuable example for your children that you may not even realize. Update that resume with pride, knowing that you bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.  

Motherhood does not make you any less of a valuable career person.  

Reflecting on my journey, I want to offer some valuable advice to fellow working mothers, or even mothers who are feeling the desire or call to return to work: time management is crucial, but recognizing our skillsets as working moms is mandatory. Recognizing our worth as working moms and embracing imperfection are key lessons I've learned. Balancing the demands of motherhood and career requires careful planning and prioritization. It’s not just about managing our time effectively—it's also about leveraging the skills we use in our day-to-day lives as mothers to excel in our careers. From multitasking to problem-solving, the skills we develop as mothers are highly transferable to the workplace. By highlighting these skills on our resumes and in job interviews, we can showcase the unique value we bring to potential employers. Additionally, having a strong resume, persuasive writing skills, and a portfolio of previous work can go a long way in demonstrating our qualifications and expertise.  And let's not underestimate the power of networking. You never know what types of opportunities will manifest just by putting yourself out there. Don’t diminish yourself and your valuable skillsets regarding speaking about returning to work—an enthusiastic demeanor and outlook can make a world of a difference. I know it did for me.  

Let's honor the resilience, strength, and achievements of working mothers everywhere. 

Looking ahead, I envision a future where workplaces prioritize better work-life balance, especially for working mothers. Policies and environments that support us in our dual roles can greatly impact individuals and organizations. May I serve as a beacon of hope for working mothers in saying that there ARE opportunities out there that can allow you to be both the mother, and careerist you aspire to be. Remember, even on the toughest days, you are an incredible mom, juggling responsibilities with grace and determination. Together, let's continue to support and empower one another, knowing that our strength lies in our unity. Each one of us plays a vital role in shaping our families, communities, and workplaces.   

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