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Nursing moms: Banish high-lipase woes with our game-changing Chiller

A mom pours milk from the Ceres Chill Chiller after having scalded it to remove the high-lipase soapy taste.

Having high lipase milk presents unique challenges, and Ceres Chill is here to help. With our innovative two-chamber Chiller, you can scald your breastmilk at work or on-the-go to eliminate the soapy, metallic taste and smell and discover the peace of mind you deserve.

What people are saying

Totally changed how I pump at work and on the go!

I can pump straight into it and don't have to worry about keeping my milk cool. I have high lipase and it's perfect for pumping, scalding, cooling, and then storing my milk until I get home. I will use this long after my pumping days are over.

Great for high lipase milk!

I have high lipase in my milk and with the Ceres Chill I am able to store my milk for up to 14 hours (haven't had to try longer) without a change in flavor. If you have high lipase in your milk and are stressing about getting home in time to scald before the flavor changes -you must give the Ceres Chill a try. — Jane

This makes pumping that much easier.

The fact I don't have to carry bags and extra ice and worry about my milk all day is a huge relief. Whether at work for 12 hours or out in the field, I can just throw the Chiller in my bag and go! — Lauren

Pump directly into the Chiller

Use as a milk heater or bottle warmer

No chargers, cables, or fridge needed

20+ hours of continuous chilling

Pump directly into the Chiller

20+ hours of continuous chilling

No chargers or fridge needed

Use as a milk heater or bottle warmer anytime

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