Versatile and reliable breastmilk and formula storage options for first-time moms

First-time moms can experience the future of breastmilk and formula storage today with Ceres Chill.

A first-time mom holds her baby to her breast while holding a zen green Chiller.

Adapting to life as a new breastfeeding mom is no easy feat! Ceres Chill’s line of innovative and easy-to-use breastmilk storage solutions will help simplify these early days with your baby.

20+ hours of continuous chilling

No chargers, cables, or fridge needed.

Pump directly into the Chiller

Airport and travel friendly

What people are saying

Exactly what this FTM needed!

As a first-time mom, you can only imagine how DEVASTATED I was when my baby decided to go on a nursing strike 3 months PP. Ceres Chill has FREED me to be able to feed my baby without the hassle of ice packs and coolers and worrying my milk would go bad if we were out and about. I was no longer bound to the wall! — Fran

Game changing

I regret not getting this amazing product with my first baby. I bring it to work, I brought it to a baseball game, flights, I even use it on the days I work from home to pool my milk all day and keep it cold. Great customer service, great product. I will be telling every Mom I know! — Mackenzie


Brilliant! I wish I had this for my first baby, it's made life so much easier. It's well made and has been a huge help. I'd give it 10 stars if I could. — GoddessGolda

Washbasin Bag

This is a great system! It allowed me to wash my wearables and regular pump parts all at once without struggling in a small hotel sink and wondering about its cleanliness. I used it with the oxo travel drying rack that folds up, it even fit in the bag for easy packing. So glad I made this purchase and wish it had been around my first time EPing. — Anna


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