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Adding warm milk to chilled milk

For all the cool tests and facts, check out our Science at Ceres Chill page!

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Key Questions

What temperature does the Chiller keep milk at?

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocol #8 states that breastmilk can be kept at 59*F for up to 24 hours. The Chiller works to keep your milk below that at around the 35-55 degree range! For all the cool tests and facts, check out our Science at Ceres Chill page.

What about combining warm milk with chilled milk?

Recent research says yes! but we know where you're coming from with this question. There is a lot of conflicting and outdated information on the internet on this topic (and all parenting topics, really). Parents need to do what they feel is best for themselves and their babies, whether it is using a cooler with separate bottles, combining their milk in one Chiller or using one Chiller to chill and the other to store milk as needed.  

Knowledge is power so we want to give you all the power we have. We are so excited to share the recent science and studies about the power of breastmilk and the benefits of pooling milk over the course of 24 hours on our page dedicated to this important area of research. Check out the latest information here, along with tips on how to chill first if you'd like to follow the traditional recommendation. 

Why do the nipple shields change colors?

They're great for any exhausted, new mom who can never seem to find those clear plastic shields for 3am feeds! Our thermochromic shields are a bright color at room temperature so parents can find them when they need them (rather than finding heaps of them under the bed in 6 months), BUT they turn clear at body temperature to allow for a more natural nursing experience. 

How can I carry these products in my office or birth center?

We love teaming up with incredible experts who work tirelessly to help moms and families! We are so thrilled to partner with birthing centers, midwifery clinics, hospitals and more to support communities around the world. 

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