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Milkstache Freezing System

Milkstache Freezing System

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Finally! An earth-friendly solution that keeps your milk safe without taking up your entire freezer or risking snagged bags and wasted milk. We never tire of making breastfeeding journeys easier for families! That's why we're so proud to introduce this patent-pending breastmilk freezer storage system that allows you to easily defrost just the right amount for feeding your baby. No more expensive, disposable plastic bags! 

How It Works:

  • Simply pour your fresh milk into the molds that hold 1/2 ounce each.
  • Create up to 48 half-ounce cubes using three layered trays for easy, on-demand use.
  • Keep it in the freezer and store additional cubes in the lower compartment until needed.
  • Take out only as many cubes as the baby needs for the feeding, and put them directly into the bottle (each cube pops out easily due to the silicone flexible bottom surface, and fits easily into either wide or narrow-neck baby bottles).
  • Warm your baby bottle as you normally would (Try using your Chiller as a bottle warmer)
  • Sit back with your baby—no garbage and no cleanup besides washing the bottle when you're done.
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • For more details on using the Milkstache, see the User Guide.

* Although the outer chest of the Plum Milkstache is not dishwasher safe, the Milkstache Luxe chest is! Check out all the details on the fully-dishwasher safe option here

Extra-Capacity Storage: Each Milkstache can store up to 34 oz of frozen milk without the trays, or 48 1/2 ounce cubes at the ready. The cubes fit in most standard teethers like Haakaa, Munchkin, Boon, The Nibbler and more.

Made from the highest quality materials: Lids and trays are made from pure platinum silicone. Plastic chest, tray sides and clasp lid are free of BPA, lead, PVC and phthalates.

Use it For A Lifetime: When you're through with your breastfeeding journey, keep enjoying your MilkStache for frozen baby foods or for your own fruit-infused cubes to make water a little more fun and beautiful.  

FSA, HSA, and HRA reimbursable: Use your HSA/FSA card at check out or submit a detailed receipt to your provider for easy reimbursement!

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Product Details

  • Plastic chest and clasp lid are free of BPA, lead, PVC and phthalates.
  • Stackable trays made from 100% pure platinum silicone
  • Capacity: 34 oz. of frozen milk without trays or 48 half-ounce cubes
  • Ice cubes fit easily into wide or narrow-neck bottles
  • Easily defrost the right amount of milk per feeding with quick-release silicone trays
  • FSA, HSA, and HRA reimbursable. Use your HSA/FSA card at check out or submit a detailed receipt to your provider!

What's Included

  • Plastic chest with clasp lid
  • (3) stackable, half-ounce 16-cube trays (48 cubes total)
  • (3) Silicone cube tray lids

Product Care

  • Silicone trays are dishwasher safe, Outer Chest should be hand washed with warm water and dish soap.

For the fully dishwasher safe Milkstache option, check out the Luxe!

User Guide


Lifetime Warranty

Please refer to our User Guide for more detailed information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

When in the container, did take longer to freeze, but great otherwise.

Love it

Wish we would have had this for our firstborn. Easy to use and love that it gives you 1/2 oz sizes

Diana Huang
Great idea, a couple drawbacks

Really cute product, well made and well intentioned but some issues have made me use it less than I anticipated.
- Takes a lot longer to thaw compared to the plastic bags. This is just due to the smaller surface area and wouldn't be an issue if you were thawing overnight, but I had hoped to be able to thaw a half ounce quickly to top up a bottle but it doesn't really work that way.
- As mentioned in another review, they're not really half oz cubes, it's less. You're supposed to not fill the tray completely to prevent overflow, but then you're probably getting 0.4 oz cubes or less. This doesn't actually get in the way of feeding your baby, but the volumes can be a bit misleading if you don't account for this.
- I found it a little unwieldy pouring the milk into the tray so would wait until I had a full 8 oz to pour it in so I would have an even layer, which was somewhat inconvenient.
- While the trays are dishwasher safe, at least in my dishwasher there was some residue left that I had to rewash.

Overall I have found the plastic bags more convenient to use because they're quicker to thaw and I don't have to worry about washing them or a messy transfer process. For environmental friendliness Milkstache is definitely a win, I just personally found it enough extra hassle that I have only used it for 1 batch of milk (24 oz). Hoping to give it new life when we work on solid foods.

Misleading Care Instructions

I enjoy the milkstache we’ve used over the last 6 months. On the website, it says dishwasher safe. I admit, 6 months in, I only checked the website and did not reference the full manual. Went to put my trays in the holding container and it appears my dishwasher warped the plastic. The trays no longer fit nor the lid close.

A fun trick I learned before this snafu, I transfer my cubes to the outer container or to a bowl before putting in milk storage bags. Sounds silly but it used to take me 15min to pick eat cube from the tray to the bag. In 2min, I popped all the cubes into the container and had them bagged being able to (gloved) grab multiple at a time.

Will continue to use the trays but sad the outer container did not last longer.

Would still recommend, just not to wash in the dishwasher.

Hey Andrea!
I am so sorry about this! Please reach out to me at and we will make sure to get you taken care of. Thanks so much!
All my best,

Mayra Guzman

Milkstache Freezing System