Special care



Mothers with a newborn in the NICU face challenges keeping up their milk production until they can nurse directly. Pumping directly ​into Ceres Chill thermos storage so their milk can always be available to caregivers can help support their goals during this unpredictable time — without insulated carry-bags full of ice packs and bottles or bags. 

When my son was born early at 35 weeks, he was forced to spend 6 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. As a first time mother, I was under a lot of stress from the early delivery and worried that my milk wouldn’t come in on time and sufficiently to nurse him to better health. 

Given he was in an incubator almost 24 hours a day, my husband and I took turns going back and forth to the hospital. Thus, there were many nights when my son had to be fed by my husband and/or the nursing staff and I was forced to pump into the miniature plastic bottles provided by the hospital that weren’t very convenient when transporting milk back and forth to the hospital. 

When I stumbled upon the Ceres Chill Chiller, I was so thrilled! If I had the Ceres Chill Chiller when my son was in the NICU, it would have been so much easier and more efficient to pump directly into the thermos! 

Additionally, given that the Chiller keeps breastmilk cool and is great for transporting milk, it would have been invaluable to me and offered a lot of peace of mind as I was constantly going back and forth to the hospital to deliver breastmilk for my son when he needed it most. 

Lynne W. 

Washington, DC