The Milkstache

by Ceres Chill

Our latest innovation is coming soon

Finally! An earth-friendly solution that keeps your milk safe for months without taking up your entire freezer or risking snagged bags and wasted milk.

We never get tired of making breastfeeding journeys easier for families. That's why we're so proud to introduce the Milkstache, a patent-pending breastmilk freezer storage system that allows you to easily defrost just the right amounts for feeding your baby. No more expensive, disposable plastic bags!

Each Milkstache is dishwasher-safe and can keep an incredible 32oz (a quart!) of milk at the ready.

 When you're done with your breastfeeding journey, keep enjoying your MilkStache for frozen baby foods or for your own fruit-infused cubes to make water a little more fun and beautiful.  

  • Simply pour your fresh milk into the food grade silicone molds that hold 1/2 oz each.
  • Keep it in the freezer until needed.
  • Take out only as many cubes as the baby needs for a feeding, and put them directly into the bottle (each cubes fits perfectly into either wide or narrow-neck baby bottles).
  • Warm your baby bottle as you normally would (try using your Chiller as a bottle warmer, if you haven't yet!).
  • Then just sit back with your baby—no garbage and no cleanup besides washing the bottle when you're done.