Support for moms



We support the amazing work you do by providing a way for women facing any number of challenges achieve successful breastfeeding. Our Ceres Chill cooling thermos system makes it easier for women to breastfeed no matter what other things are happening in their lives, and to ensure that none of their precious milk is wasted.

  • You can connect women who pump with a way to safely, discreetly, and conveniently store their milk until it can reach more longterm refrigeration. 
  • Women can be relieved of the cumbersome and sometimes embarrassing collection of bags, bottles, and cooler packs they otherwise need to carry around while pumping.

Katrina Dunning is a leader in this field. She knows the value of supporting moms and families when they need it most...

My story —

Although no mother should ever feel pressured to breastfeed or suffer under the misconception that breastfeeding is the only way to raise a happy, healthy child, breastfeeding is a great option for many families. I became a La Leche League Leader over 20 years ago because of the incredible support I received while raising my sons abroad. My husband was stationed in Japan when I had my oldest son and I relied on the local La Leche Leader for help, information and support to succeed in my breastfeeding goals. I eventually became a leader at four military bases and now in Kitsap County, Washington. 

There is no more rewarding work for me than helping a mother decide what works best for her and her baby and then empowering her to succeed. Breastfeeding offers lasting benefits for mothers and their children, but that is not to say it easy or without ongoing challenges.

Why I'm excited about Ceres Chill —

Women trying to breastfeed often face significant challenges to continuing when they return to work or when other obligations take them away from their children. 

As someone who has worked her whole life in healthcare, lactation consulting and nutrition for infants with special needs, I have no doubt that Ceres Chill will provide meaningful support for moms right when they need it most. 

Having the ability to directly pump up to 12 ounces of milk into a clean, secure container and store it at a safe temperature for over 20+ hours and then easily transport that milk back to the child or refrigeration is a game-changer. ​Not to mention the added element of allowing a caregiver or exclusively pumping mom to easily take that milk out for the day and then serve it to the child with the built-in bottle. The fact that it is being manufactured with World Health Organization approved materials and is dishwasher safe makes it an exceptional product that I am happy to recommend to my clients. 

Katrina Dunning RLC, IBCLC, LLLL 

Greater Seattle area, WA