Never worry about safely storing your breastmilk again!    

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6 reasons why Ceres Chill is the answer

6 reasons why Ceres Chill is the answer

  • 100% risk-free purchasing: Comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a money-back guarantee that your Chiller makes your first year as a new mom easier. 

  • FSA, HSA, and HRA approved! Use your cards or get reimbursed.

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Alternative to the Gross Work Fridge

I’m a procedural nurse working in a busy hospital, and I love my Ceres Chill! I love that i can discreetly store my breast milk in it, and keep it in my pump bag (without putting my milk in the work fridge). I can easily bring it to my pumping spot, and pour my pumped milk into it, knowing that it will stay chilled until I get home and pour the milk into bottles for the next daycare day. Highly recommend!

Margi Young

It was a gift!

Highly recommend

Love it! Super convenient especially for nighttime pumping when you don’t want to get up from bed and go downstairs to the fridge.

Bricella Moreno
Best ever!!

I’m a CNA work 12hr shifts don’t always have a fridge to store my milk this cooler has become a game changer! I love it so much it’s super convenient and doesn’t take up too much space doesn’t leak and holds up to a good amount. I’m over producer so this is perfect for me!!

Catherine Piaskowski
Trip lifesaver

I went to a dental conference with my 5 week old daughter and husband. He was able to take her out and about all day with the Ceres Chill and said how essential it was for our trip!