Never worry about safely storing your breastmilk again!    

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6 reasons why Ceres Chill is the answer

6 reasons why Ceres Chill is the answer

  • 100% risk-free purchasing: Comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a money-back guarantee that your Chiller makes your first year as a new mom easier. 

  • FSA, HSA, and HRA approved! Use your cards or get reimbursed.

  • First responders, essential workers, and military families enjoy 20% off every purchase. Sign up

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Sacara Giulio
Love it!

Being out and about with my baby is now super easy as I don’t have to fiddle with ice packs and coolers. All I need is a little ice and I’m good for the day knowing I’m not waisting any milk!

Elite Pumping Teammate

The breast milk chiller paired with a wearable breast pump forms an elite pumping team for on-the-go mamas! I can easily pump while driving and transfer milk into the chiller at my destination and not need to worry about my milk spoiling before I make it home in the evening. The chiller has been an incredible game changer for my daytime pumping routine.

So great, I just needed another!

So I actually just bought my 3rd Ceres chill because I forgot one of my old ones on our truck bed :( it fell off and of course got ran over by the time we noticed it was gone :( but the milk was still preserved! Only the outer chamber was destroyed. The inner chamber was slightly dented, and no milk was spilt. Needless to say we were super impressed! So we bought a 3rd to replace the one we accidentally lost. I absolutely love these things as a busy mom if two littles and a full time health care employee! I didn’t have the ceres bottle with my first baby, this second time around breastfeeding has been so much better because of the ceres bottle! Last baby I only made it 6 months breastfeeding, this time we are almost to 9 months! And I have no doubt some of this is because of the ceres bottle! Great company and a great product 🤩

A need period

I use my chiller daily, for accumulating my milk at work and anytime I’m on the go! 10/10 recommend!

Kristin Tomic
Amazing product!

I bought this for returning to work in Manhattan and I have a long commute. It was so easy to use and bring with me to store/chill a days worth of pumped milk!